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  • While every care will be taken to prevent accidents, the management will not be liable for injuries and accidents sustained by the pupils in the course of everyday activities.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for the security of the pupils before and after the school hours and similarly the school is not responsible for the safety of the children who stay back to participate in sports and games on their own.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. Therefore, is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive pens, watches, gold ornaments etc. to school.
  • No fine of any kind of collection for any purpose, whatsoever, may be made without the prior sanction of the Principal by anybody, and the school will not be responsible for such collections.
  • No pupil is permitted to engage any of the teachers of this school as a private tutor without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Gifts or Presents to members of the staff, or other demonstrations in their honor also require the previous sanction of the Principal.
  • The Character Certificate which may be issued to a student when leaving the school will depend entirely on his/her behavior during the school career i.e. on how he/she has kept the school rules.


If any student is caught cheating or attempting to use unfair means in examinations / tests / assignments he / she will be awarded 0 (zero) for that subject.

  • Punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper uniform, an earnest effort in home-work assignments and gentlemanly behaviour in and outside the school are always insisted on and in all these matters the parents’ full co- operation is expected at all times.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to bring objectionable literature to the school, or to purchase any article of food from unauthorized dealers at or near the school premises.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without the written permission of the Principal / Coordinators. Whenever leave has been sanctioned the fact should be recorded in the record of attendance (given in the school diary). Absence from school in order to study is never allowed.
  • Damage to school property, however small, will not be condoned. Stringent disciplinary measures will be taken against such offenders. The parents will have to bear the fine and expenses of the damaged property.
  • Loitering on the way to school or while returning home is totally discouraged.
  • Students are answerable to the school authorities for the conduct in and outside the School. Hence, misbehavior in public places and conveyance will lead to serious disciplinary action.
  • On their way to and from the school, students must remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet the teachers of the School when they meet them, it being understood, of course that teachers return their greeting. Thus every pupil is urged to contribute to the high tone of the school by his/her manners and deportment.
  • Hands in pockets, slouching gait, untidy dress, dirty shoes and in the case of senior boys unshaven, are misdemeanor’s. Courtesy to staff, visitors and fellow students is expected at all times.
  • While in the campus, students are strictly forbidden to talk to or entertain parents, friends, visitors etc. without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • During the absence of the teacher from the class, students must obey the prefect or monitor appointed to maintain good order.
  • On school days and at all functions pupils must wear the prescribed uniform and the uniform must be neat and tidy.
  • All students must converse in English only, while on the campus, it being understood that St. Patrick’s Academy, is an English Medium School. Defaulters will be fined heavily.
  • Every pupil must take part in physical training and games unless declared unfit on medical grounds by a competent authority and exempted by the Principal. Students are forbidden to join any outside sports organization without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Use of mobile phones, pagers and other electronic gadgets are not allowed within the school premises. Ragging is strictly forbidden; anyone who is guilty of ragging will be severely dealt with.



To be issued to the student defaulter for the following :-

  • Repeated careless and irregular work
  • Irregular attendance
  • Coming to school without proper uniform
  • Late to school
  • Disrupting classroom teaching
  • Loitering out of the class
  • Missing classes, Assembly, Club Activities, Library, P.T. etc.
  • Not bringing the school diary


To be issued to the student defaulter concerned in the presence of the Coordinator and the parents for the following:-

  • Being disobedient
  • Using abusive language
  • Rude or insolent behavior with any teacher
  • Misbehaving in the van/school bus
  • Bullying fellow students and juniors and causing physical injuries
  • Using unfair means during any examination
  • Damaging school property (a fine also will be imposed)
  • Yellow card means suspension from the school for Three Days


To be issued to the student defaulter in the presence of the Principal and Parents for the following :-

  • Misbehaving with any teacher
  • Negative influence
  • Bringing or issuing narcotic substance or alcohol
  • Three Pink cards will be equivalent to one RED CARD.
  • Two YELLOW CARDS will be equivalent to one RED CARD.
  • Red card means suspension from the school for Three weeks and expulsion from the school at the end of the academic year.


  • The School Management reserves to itself the right to dismiss students or whose conduct is, in any way, detrimental to the orderly life of the School.
  • Those students failing twice in the same class, or failing twice in the three consecutive years, will not be allowed to continue in the School.
  • Use or attempting to use unfair means in exams, tests and assignments are sufficient cause for dismissal.
  • Smoking, bringing & consuming alcohol or narcotic drugs, disrespect towards staff, bad moral influence, contempt of authority and willful damage to school property will lead to the dismissal of the student from the school and fine according to the extent of the damage will have to be paid by the parent/guardian.
  • If fees fall in arrears for more than two months from the scheduled date, the student’s name will be removed from the school rolls.
  • Students who indulge in political propaganda, or who organize fellow students in political factions on the premises of the school, or who otherwise engage themselves in party politics, are liable to be expelled from the school.
  • Students entering into matrimony while studying in this school will have to leave the school before any such act.
  • The wards of those parents / guardians who obstruct the smooth functioning and vitiate the academic atmosphere of the school through their acts of omissions and commissions shall be liable to be dismissed from the school.


  • The school wishes to inform the parents that since every school is basically a democratic institution and observes no protocol or preferential treatment. You may visit the school at appointed times, as parents only, and not as somebody who holds a place of power and authority in the society. We wish to get your willing co-operation in this regard.
  • Parents are requested to bear in mind that the school attaches great importance to building sound character in pupils. Therefore, they are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by making their children understand that well ordered and disciplined way of life is as much important at home, as in school, by seeing that they prepare their lessons, and by taking an active interest in the activities of the school.
  • Parents are informed that occasional reports from the teachers are made in the school diary. They are requested to sign them as proof that they have read them.
  • Parents must intimate the Principal, in writing, of any change in their ward's residential address and contact numbers.
  • Parents are requested to sign the Report Card and any other document relating to their ward when requested. The school will not be responsible for parents' failure to see the Progress Report of their children.
  • If a pupil is likely to be ill for a long period of time, the Principal must be informed in writing as early as possible. Children suffering from any infectious disease should not be sent to school till the danger of infection has passed.
  • When communicating with the Principal or the Coordinators, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name, class, section, and roll number of their ward.
  • Complaints, if any, should be made only to the Principal/ Coordinators, and not to the teachers.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the school. However, parents are not allowed to interview teachers or meet their children or take them home during school hours, without the sanction of the Principal or the Coordinators. For all such cases parents are requested to make prior appointment with the school office in writing or over the phone. Parents are encouraged to come to school and meet the teachers on all working Saturdays. Time: 11 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  • Rail / Air concession voucher may only be used by students of the school traveling from Dehradun to their hometown and back, and if they are misused, the school will not be responsible. Concession should be applied for three weeks prior to the closing of the school and application for railway / air concession voucher will not be accepted during the holidays.
  • The Educational Society of St. Patrick’s Academy, Dehradun reserves the right to close down or dispose off, in whole or in part, any of the institutions or activities, whether educational or charitable, as the Governing Body may deem fit. No claim can be made on the school for such action.
  • With regard to any dispute only Courts and Tribunal having jurisdiction over Dehradun, and not any other place, shall have jurisdiction for the purpose of filing a suit.
  • St. Patrick’s Academy is regulated by rules and regulations as is applicable to Anglo-Indian Schools of Uttarakhand and at the same time covered / protected Under Article 30 of the Indian Constitution protecting Christian Minority Institutions.
  • Although a Parents’ forum is not required by the rules applicable to Anglo- Indian Schools, yet for better interaction and fostering of academic interest of the students and the interest of the School, a broad-based Parents’ Forum, comprising of well-intentioned parents, nominated by the class teachers of each class, is constituted for every academic year. There is no place for any forum.
  • St. Patrick’s Academy is run by the society of the Brothers of St. Patrick, India through its Governing Body, and all decisions of the Governing Body regarding the management / running of the school is final.