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Deputy Congregation Leader, Bro Paul O’Keeffe Visit

Deputy congregation Leader, Bro Paul O’Keeffe from Australia, visited St Patrick’s Academy on September 21, 2015. On the bright and sunny morning at the assembly time Brother was given a traditional Indian welcome by Class 4 children. Mrs. Sheetal Negi introduced brother to the children in simple words telling them that he came from a far off country, Australia. The word Australia caught children’s attention and they were quick to associate it with ‘kangaroos’!
Brother Paul expressed his happiness and admiration over the work done in establishing the school within a short time frame. Addressing the children, Brother told them that he was impressed by their conduct. Showering his blessings and love on them he sang an indigenous Australian song. Later on, accompanied by Brother Benedict, Brother Paul went into all the classrooms to meet the children personally.