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LKG parents’ Orientation Program

Recognizing the importance of building a smooth and informative transition of the new LKG students and their parents, St Patrick’s Academy organized an orientation programme for them.
The Programme began with lighting of the lamp by Brother Benedict, Coordinator Mrs. Negi and a parent from the new batch as the former LKG children sang a prayer ‘Give me oil in my lamp’. It was followed by a musical presented by the LKG batch 2014-15, ‘Happy in Dehradun’.Following the musical, Brother Benedict addressed the parents, welcoming them to school and assuring them of the best care and education their children would be provided with. For the parents’ better understanding of the school’s policies and rules, Mrs. Negi talked to them; familiarizing them with what their children would experience and learn.The parents felt welcomed, their anxieties removed and minds assured that their children would get the best education and care.